A Customized Business Need

Assante furniture needed a self-sustainable inventory management system that was simple, mobile, and efficient. Relying on paper documents, tracking products and managing the buy and sell cycle was a true challenge for the business. Going electronic became a viable option to consider.

Our Approach

When Assante Furniture outlined their system inefficiencies, we took a look at processes specific to their business. We broke down their buy and sell cycle into components, analyzed for technological substitutions, and measured cost and feasibility. After understanding Assante’s business, we conceptualized a simple and customizable management system to host inventory and purchase tracking.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management can be simple. Alchemy devised a method to use QR codes to track all incoming and outgoing products with data pooling in the management end. With wholesaling, keeping track of stock is crucial and technology can play a major role in heightening productivity.

Manual to Auto Invoicing

We didn’t stop at inventory management. With purchases and sales comes the need to bring in the revenue. Tracking revenue and managing payments is another set of processes that we were able to add on. From manual, hard-copy invoicing, we transferred Assante Furniture over to electronic invoicing that was triggered at product point of purchase.

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