Evergreen Seamless, Calculations Reimagined.

We heard the cries of  the tediousness of pipe weight calculations. So we simplified it all.

Detecting Core Problems

Evergreen approached us with a challenge, needing a new way to engage their audience at global trade shows. They wanted a creative technological solution that would showcase their company accolades, while bringing great value to their clients. To do this, we dove deep to uncover a problem that was faced by everyone in the Industry. After months of shadowing people within the industry we realized that every business decision was dominated by lengthy and tedious calculations using engineering formulas that took up to a quarter of their employees time. With this core problem detected, Alchemy brought forth a working solution—the simplest Pipe Weight Calculator the industry has ever witnessed.



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Approaches and Results

One core problem causing inefficiencies within the piping industry was the difficulty in calculating pipe weights and respective prices. Our objective was to create a simple, user-friendly, and intuitive tool that would enable quick dispatch of information, based on basic pipe-spec inputs. We sat down with experts to initiate an algorithm that would reduce the number of inputs needed to formulate a final answer. We successfully converted what was once a seven-step process into two. The outcome was clear; with the pipe-weight calculator, industry professionals were able to cut down calculation time to one tenth of previous processes, allowing for increased efficiencies. On top of this value added for clients through the Evergreen app, Alchemy was able to provide additional, robust information about the company in an interactive and engaging interface.


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