Business Invigorated from the Bottom Up.

Yes, we made it happen. Technological infrastructure opened up new possibilities in Maputo, Mozambique. Read about how.

We Understood Needs

When Cogef approached us, they needed a fully-functioning and integrated website that would match their corporate needs and showcase their corporate identity through an online presence. Initially approaching us with a need to iron out their online recruitment process, we gradually became their technological consultant and partner to provide further services to elevate their business systems and processes for their multiple companies.



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Challenges and Outcomes

Accommodating our services to be compatible with slow Internet speeds and poor technological infrastructure in Mozambique, yet striving to maximize functionality was a challenge. Alchemy, was able to use a cloud-based system to create their websites, as well as their job and applicant management interfaces. With continued integration of technology into their everyday business practices, Alchmey continues to provide them with ongoing technological maintenance.


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