Apps don’t create themselves. (yet)

Let me show you how it works

User-Based Research

After understanding the requirements of the application from our clients we immediately look to their end users to understand and analyze their habits. This allows us to construct a product that can co-exist with their current habits to ensure wide spread adoption by creating a minimal product learning curve for the user.

Requirement Elicitation

Once we have gained a thorough understanding of the users, we now look to ideate to construct a product that not only fulfils the requirements as set by our clients but also addresses the previously identified user pain points.

User Experience Design

During this phase, we develop the final User Interface and refine the User Experience that we have designed.

Research Product-User Fit

During this phase we perform early tests to check if we have successfully created a product that services both the needs of the clients while addressing the pain points of the customers

Development Analysis

During this phase, we update the previously prepared documentation based on the designs and the feedback received from the users. We also split the product to be developed into specific tasks to give our clients precise estimates of the total development time and hence total product development costs.

Software Development

This is the longest phase of the product development cycle and it is where huge teams of developers are finally building the application.


This is an ongoing phase and occurs in parallel with the development. The main aim of this is to ensure that the product built meets the high-quality standard that is expected of product developed by Alchemy and ensure that the product being developed is as per the set requirements described in the documents.

Setup Data Collection

After receiving early feedback from the alpha tests we have a good idea about the specific hypothesis that need to be tested. We may also choose to setup A/B tests in different parts of the app to ensure that we release only the best version.